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Hi, I’m Evelyn Brooks, bestselling author, speaker, and certified Life Mastery Consultant. I’m a partner of Mary Morrissey’s Life SOULutions Institute. It would be my pleasure to help you eliminate anxiety, fear, and the self-sabotage that blocks you from enjoying a beautiful life.

Let’s take a moment to imagine what that life would be like…

…You wake up each morning full of energy and excitement for the brand new day ahead that is brimming with possibilities for expansion and happiness…

…You pick up the list of action steps you created the night before, and set about your day, doing the things that are most important first, and enjoying a simplified and low-stress life.

…As each day unfolds, you realize that you’ve never been this happy! You enjoy vibrant health, prosperity, success, full creative expression of your talents and harmonious relationships!

Are you ready for change? Stop putting your BIG DREAMS on hold It’s YOUR time to shine!
THE VALUE OF THIS COURSE WITH ALL MY SPECIAL BONUSES ADDED IS OVER $25,000. Regular price is $1,492 but keep reading.

ALL MY DREAMS FULFILLED is a proven 90-day process which will take you from wherever you are now — stuck in not-so-great results, frustrated, scared, unhappy — to an easygoing life where you feel confident and happy! You’ll learn exactly how to define your true dream and how to develop a concrete plan for achieving it. I’ll be your guide and mentor every step of the way.

THOUSAND OF PEOPLE HAVE TOTALLY TRANSFORMED THEIR LIVES WITH THIS PROGRAM.  You can be one of them, so let’s get you started in the group that is forming now.

Study from Home or On-the-Go

I’ve got GREAT news for you…You are in the right place, right now!

I’m in Los Angeles — but you don’t have to be! This program does not require you to go anywhere. All you need is your phone for the weekly calls, and your computer or player for the CD lessons.

For about the price of an afternoon latte and muffin, each day of the 90-day program you WILL (if you pay attention and do the simple lessons) gain the wisdom you need to turn your life around and FINALLY get the results you’ve been longing for…You will learn new tools and technologies that will help you for the rest of your life, long after the program ends.

It would be my joy to share with you the PROVEN 90-day process that will TRANSFORM your life and JUMP-START your desired results in all areas of your life!

Here’s what you’ll get when you step into ALL MY DREAMS FULFILLED:


The Dream Builder Kit

The boxed kit of “Dream Builder” audios and workbook will be mailed directly to you. It includes 16 audio CDs, 1 meditation CD and a complete workbook in a handsome case. This is a 12 WEEK PROGAM. Each week you will listen to the assigned CDs and do the exercises in the workbook.


Laser Coaching Calls Each Week

Once a week, I will lead a 60-minute group teleconference — I’ll coach you in the application of the powerful principles and practices so that you can begin creating the dream life you have imagined. You can listen in on the go, or hear the replay.


Portrait of a happy business woman texting on her phone

I also include a weekly audio lecture from me that applies to each week’s CDs and workbook exercises. That’s in addition to the CDs, workbook pages, and the valuable laser coaching phone calls!

This Lecture Series is something I prepared for you so that you can dive deep into the lesson material each week, just as if you were attending a college lecture class and I was on the stage teaching you.


Woman Excited With Laptop

To help you get the most value out of this incredible program, at each week’s lesson page, you’ll find a video in which I instruct you how to do that week’s workbook assignments. I’ll go through the exercises as if we are in a classroom setting, so you’ll have increased clarity about how to gain the insight, wisdom and knowledge you need for quantum leaps in your life results.


Enjoy “River Walk” 25-minute guided imagery journey to release worries and regrets, plus the Subliminal recording “Guilt, Blame & Shame Dissolver” (useful for the whole family!) and a sample chapter from my bestselling stress management book, “Forget Your Troubles”

River Walk mp3Guilt, Blame & Shame Dissolver MP3Forget Your Troubles SAMPLE


“Never use the terms, ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I can’t do this.’ Your subconscious mind takes you at your word and sees to it that you do not have the money or the ability to do what you want to do. Affirm, ‘I can do all things through the power of my subconscious mind.'” — Dr. Joseph Murphy

ALL MY DREAMS FULFILLED coaching program is powerful and effective… and anyone who is willing to learn new ways of thinking and acting can experience improved results!


ONE PERSON -- Pay in Full

PAYMENT PLAN (2 payments of $397 each)


This program is based on Mary Morrissey’s proven system, The Dream Builder. Mary Morrissey is my personal coach and mentor and is known around the world for being the foremost thinker and leading teacher of dream building technologies. Mary has known both great success and great failure, and from her experience she developed the proven dream building technologies and strategies revealed in this program. This system is the culmination of over 30 years of Mary’s study in the science of success.

PLUS you get the full benefit of all the studying I have done with other world leaders in the field of spirituality and personal development! I’ve spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on my own training and development–I synthesize my knowledge and experience and use my knack for making complex topics very easy and enjoyable to understand and apply!

Just as learning how to use construction tools gives you the ability to build a home, a skyscraper, or a cathedral, so too will learning the tools set forth in my 90 days coaching program give you the ability to construct the very life you want most. The kit includes: 16 teaching CDs, 1 meditation CD and a complete workbook, all in a handsome case.In addition, you’ll receive all the BONUS MATERIAL I have created to help you maximize your potential.

  • How much is it worth to you to learn an entirely new way of thinking that will put you directly in alignment with the abundance of this universe?
  • How much is it worth to you to realize that you hold the power to change your life and make it exactly what you want it to be – that there is a process in place for doing so?
  • And how much is it worth it to you to FINALLY experience true financial abundance? If you knew you would make as much money as you desired with this program?
  • How much would it be worth to you if this program actually worked and a year from now, you were living the life you imagined?

I can tell you from personal experience, that these principles DO work if you work them. I’m asking you to give your dream the chance it deserves by giving yourself the new healthy paradigm YOU deserve. Do that, and the abundance you seek WILL come. On your part, to get the most out of this program, you agree to invest yourself in this transformational process – heart, mind and spirit! You don’t get to your dream life by wishing for it and hoping it will magically appear. Instead, I’ll teach you how to build a dream, step by step, so that you will finally see the results you’ve always longed for in all 4 key areas of your life: Time & Money Freedom, Soulmate Love & Other Relationships, Health, and Creative Expression (Career & Other Activities)

I’m confident you’re going to love finally having full access to the understanding and awareness that truly drives what you see in your life experience!

When you apply the lessons as they’re taught, you’re going to start seeing results immediately in how you feel and how you experience your life.



ONE PERSON -- Pay in Full

PAYMENT PLAN (2 payments of $397 each)




  • Are you holding back because of guilt, worry, fear, negative thinking, etc.? Would you love to smash those old stumbling blocks and run toward your dream? What if there was a system that would help you identify and remove those obstacles plus show you how to move forward with confidence?
  • Are you successful in other areas of your life, but you can’t seem to create success in something you REALLY want? What if you could get personalized, step-by-step instruction for dissolving those blocks and changing your behavior so you could move forward with your dream full steam ahead?
  • Do you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall because you have a burning desire to go after your dream, but you think you don’t have the money to do it? What if there was a PROVEN system for increasing the money that comes into your life easily and effortlessly?
  • Do you feel scared to believe in a dream you know isn’t real yet, but you have this burning desire inside to make it real? What if you could learn how you can make your dream real RIGHT NOW?
  • Do you constantly feel anxious or nervous because you know you have choices but don’t know which path to take? What if there was a system for determining which path best fits your dream – or for creating the perfect path for you?



Week 1 – Defining Your Dream


When you are in harmony with your soul’s true purpose, things get a whole lot easier in life! Feeling satisfied, contented and fulfilled is just the start of this strong underlying principle for a happy life. In this module, you’ll learn how to uncover what you really want to be, to do, to create or to give – without the limitations of age, time, your limiting beliefs, your level of education and money.

Week 2 – Testing Your Dream

Most people can’t answer the question: “What is your dream?” Can you? Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t! Most of us learned to dial down the power of our dreams, and look at what we think is possible to have based on what we have right now. It can be hard to even imagine a different future. But here’s the good news — during the ALL MY DREAMS FULFILLED program, you will learn how to shift your thinking and explore possibilities. You’ll learn how to aim for what you really want. Once you have that dream in mind, you’ll learn how to test your dream to make sure it is worthy of you.

Week 3 – Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

Most of us have limiting beliefs that create doubt about our potential and possibilities. Once you’ve come to see yourself as the architect of your own life, instead of the victim of circumstances, you can begin to build your dream – one that requires your passion, your persistence, and a belief in yourself that you are totally worthy of having this dream come true. You’ll ramp up your sense of worthiness because that opens you up to the magnetic field that invokes the law of attraction to circumstances, situations, support – they come in by your sense of deserving to help you attract what you need to bring forth your dream.


Week 4 – Befriending Your Fear


Your dream passes the tests, and you feel worthy of its coming true. But if you plant your dream in soil that has been choked out by weeds, then the dream can’t possibly grow. The weeds are fear. In the concrete world, you never get rid of weeds, do you? It’s the same with fear. Fear can choke out every good seed, if you let it. It’s impossible not to have fear – but we’ve got to learn to befriend it so we honor its presence but kick it out of the driver’s seat.

Week 5 – Activating the Law of Circulation

By now you’ve spent time visioning, creating your dream, paying attention to your longing and discontent, testing your dream, making a decision for your dream and building a sense of deserving. You may be in a space called the gap – the space between the life you’ve known and the life you are creating. There are 3 aspects of the gap (fear, a sense of lack, and lack of forgiveness) that can cause you to revert back to the gravitational pull of the familiar – your old life – and 3 practices can propel you forward. Everyone who experiences greatness experiences and manages fear. You will learn strategies and skills for deepening and developing your spiritual muscles for overcoming fear. It can be tempting to spend time with and entertain your fear thoughts. But in doing so, we lose the connection to our spiritual strength.

Week 6 – Changing Your Perception

We live in an abundant universe – but many of us experience a feeling of limitation. When you begin to understand you are an abundant being by nature, you will demonstrate abundance in the area of your highest interest. You will learn how the action of giving initiates the law of receiving – and while there is just one Source, there are many channels through which good comes to us. If we are aligned with the generosity of the universe, we are open to the flow and experience of ideas, resources, circumstances and people.

Week 7 – Setting Yourself Free

…Through the Practice of Forgiveness. Any farmer knows soil must be as healthy as the seed for the crop to prosper. You can’t grow a healthy dream in toxic soil. Even the best dream cannot survive if it is planted in soil that is toxic with resentment. Wondering whether you have forgiveness work to do? Are you breathing? Yes, everyone has forgiveness work to do – it’s a mental, emotional and spiritual practice that opens the doors of perception and frees us to live a live worth living.


Week 8 – Listening to the Still Small Voice


Once you’ve identified where you need to practice forgiveness, you may feel like you’re at a loss as to how to actually do it. Even once you make a conscious decision to forgive someone for whom you harbor some resentment, resentment can creep back in. So how do you take the actual steps toward forgiveness? It’s hard work, but it’s possible – and while it doesn’t change your past, it changes your present and transforms your future.

Week 9 – Creating a Support System

The life each one of us holds and experiences is controlled by what we do and what we choose. There is a pull of becoming everywhere in the universe. You feel it in yourself, a seeking for the life that IS your life, to express freer, fuller, more expanded, more creatively. As you say “yes” to this, you get happier, find more creativity and more opportunity. When your life begins to expand this way, everything else pales compared to a life where you wake up in the morning and feel the natural feeling of being in harmony with your own life essence.

Week 10 – Training Your Mind (actually RE-training it!)

We have to do the work ourselves, but we don’t have to do it alone. We build a bigger believing in two ways – One is to surround ourselves with people who believe in us and who see the truth of who we really are; The second is to learn to think differently. Your dream will not happen from the mind that doesn’t believe it’s possible, or the mind that is convinced conditions have to change before you can get there. The conditions never change first. The conditions change because our thinking changed.

Week 11 – Turning Failure from a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone

Of any of the steps in dream building, the most difficult one is what we call failure. Yet, what we perceive as failure actually is information – it’s feedback. You may be receiving new direction for your dream, or the universe may be directing you to something that’s much greater for you. In the life of any dream building, things happen – things you couldn’t have predicted. The truth is, your reaction to and definition of those things will define you. You’ll learn how to break through the walls that have been blocking you!


Week 12 – Harvesting Your Dream

Happy couple

Who you become as a result of consciously taking this journey enables you to embark on one dream after another. Building a dream, no matter which stage you are in, opens you more and more to living a life of amplified aliveness. This natural feeling rises up in you more and more frequently as you stay true to this course. As you continue on your journey you will grow more and more into the person who is the person you are to be, and you’ll harvest your dreams again and again throughout the journey of your life.

Still not sure?

Q: How do I know if this will really work for me?
A: This 90 days program will teach you how to align yourself with the laws of the universe. It’s that simple. If you apply the principles I’m going to teach you during this course, they will work for you – because they have to. The laws of mathematics always work, right? And so it is with the laws of the universe. This will work for everyone who takes the time to learn how to use it properly and expends the energy to practice it. Period.

Q: But what if I don’t have the money to enroll in your program?
A: Part of building and living your dream is to stop thinking based on your circumstances and start thinking in ideas. How many times are you going to keep playing the “Money, may I?” game when it comes to deciding what you want to have? Perhaps finding a way to pay for this course can be your first exercise in dream building. Pause for a moment, breathe calmly and now ask yourself this question: “If I didn’t think it was impossible for me to afford this course, how could I pay for it?” … When you ask the Universe the right type of question, the answers and ideas will start flowing to you in response.


Wheel of fortune

Take a piece of plain paper and make a small circle in the middle of the page. Then draw “spokes” coming out from the center.

On each line, write down one idea of how you could pay the deposit for ALL MY DREAMS FULFILLED coaching.

Keep writing ideas until you have at least 20! The first ideas that pop up will be from the level of thinking where the “I-don’t-have-the-money” problem resides! So they might be ideas like working at a fast food counter for minimum wage, or asking for handouts on the street corner. We know you don’t want to do that. So keep thinking.

Ideas will begin to flow, when you stay open to the question of “If I didn’t think it’s impossible, what could I do now…?” The quality of our questions determine the quality of the answers we get!

Q: What if I don’t have the time to participate in the program?
A: Again, part of building and living your dream is to stop thinking based on your circumstances and what appear to be your limitations. If you believed you could make the time, when would you fit this in? If participating in this course is part of your dream, then you can make it possible. The freedom you will gain from learning how to systematically apply more powerful thinking and action steps to your life will be well worth your investment!

Q: How much time is it going to take?
A: I would block off 2-3 hours a week. 22 minutes a day = 2-1/2 hours a week. Isn’t your dream worth THAT much? You probably spend more time than that watching TV. And think of it this way — after you’ve completed the program, you’ll be well on your way to making your dream come true, which is probably going to free up your time significantly. So yes, in the short term you’ll have to find some extra time to complete the work, but in the long term you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your dream come to life, abundance flowing freely to you, and more time to spend on what REALLY matters to you. You can listen to the lessons, calls and replays while you’re doing exercises, household chores, walking the dog, driving to and from work and errands. It’s easy to find the time when you are truly committed to changing the RESULTS you are getting!
Remember the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same things over and over, and expecting to get different results. That kind of wishful thinking will keep you stuck in the hamster wheel of life, where you don’t really get anywhere but you feel busy all the time.

Part of learning to build your dream is finding ways to make it possible – and by enrolling in this course, you’re going to learn an entirely new, powerful way of thinking that will make you absolutely unstoppable in the pursuit of your dream.

Now, are you ready?

Yes, Evelyn! I’m totally ready to enjoy ALL MY DREAMS FULFILLED!


ONE PERSON -- Pay in Full

PAYMENT PLAN (2 payments of $397 each)


Note: For my clients outside the continental USA, international shipping fees for your CD kit and workbook will be charged as an extra. Questions? CONTACT:

To your happiness and dream-building success,

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Evelyn Roberts Brooks

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